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I had many people talk to me about my page, and as so far it seemed to have been a good idea. I decided to extend it and so I introduce Ula's Diary. This month I launch this page.

MARK02.GIF - 418BYTESExpression of the month

    * To take a test cold.  ( TO take test without studying)

    e.g. She took the test cold and consequently got a bad grade.                  

MARK02.GIF - 418BYTESFlower of the month

* This month's flower is the cherry blossom.  They  are really a one week wonder. Tthey come on shyly and rather unexpectedly but then  in no time at all they bloom out and before  one knows it - they fall out and disappear.

MARK02.GIF - 418BYTESActivity of the month

 Fatal Events of April.

April brings the anniversaries of some great tragedies. One of the greatest presidents and leaders was Abraham LIncoln. He was known as Honest Abe in his youth. He was shot on April !4th in a Theatre. Exactly 100 years later another great leader and an activist was shot and killed. It was president John F. Kennedy. There are some really freaky and very amazing facts joining those two great leaders. * email me for details. You will not be disappointed- you are likely to be AMAZED!!!!!

Another disaster was TITANIC or rather its sinking! Collided with an iceberg . *Email me for a great shot of an icebergon a clear day!!!!


Easter comes at different times each year. Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the full moon of spring. There are many fun activities one can do!! Painting Easter Eggs in different styles is fun. Experiment with natural colors, boiling them wrapped in onion skins. Think of other natural ways to color . Bluberries will make purple blue, cranberries will be red etc. Hard boiled eggs are OK , but they can be very smelly if accidentally broken old. BLOW an egg!! Ask me how.
Have egg hunt with your children. Hide some eggs in the house or outside and see if you can find them with your kids.


Tauruses celebrate birthdays between April 21st and May 20th.

They are very determined
Jealous and possesive
Enjoy comfort and good life
Warm hearted and friendly

Extra ideas are available.Contact me.


MARK02.GIF - 418BYTESWorksheet of the month

KAO-01.JPG - 956BYTES Decorate 3 eggs using a different methods. ( paint, crayon, wax scratch and dye, paper mache, fabric patch work, beads, grains.

MARK02.GIF - 418BYTESACTIVITY; Which activity did you like the best? Why?

Please look forward  to next month's Sensei's Page.  ULA01.GIF - 1,299BYTES