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I had many people talk to me about my page, and as so far it seemed to have been a good idea. I decided to extend it and so I introduce Ula's Diary. This month I launch this page.

MARK02.GIF - 418BYTESExpression of the month

* To be bored to death This expression means to be very bored. Her lessons lack preparation so it is no wonder that everyone is bored to death.

MARK02.GIF - 418BYTESFlower of the month

*This month's botanicals is going to be cherry blossoms. They sure herald spring and warmer days ahead. Hence the Japanese commonly used expression:Ol(san kan shi on). There are more 85 varieties of cherry trees. Viewing them during April-May (depending on climatic location) is a must for most Japanese. These delicate heart shaped petals are often associated with love and so April weddings are very popular.

MARK02.GIF - 418BYTESActivity of the months

This month's activity is making magic. Kids love magic, but what many don't understand is that magic is nothing more but science.

Easy Magic tricks

Writing in blood. Scratch a simple mark on your skin with your finger nail without causing any injury. Rub the spot with your hand and your mark should miraculously come up.

The simple science explanation is that we remove the dead skin cells by scratching and increase the blood circulation in that area by rubbing it. The skin is thinner as we removed some dead cells and so the mark appears.

I have more easy tricks. These are easy and fun for any age group.Fun way to learn simple science.

(They are available for 500 yen.) Please contact me via email- 


MARK02.GIF - 418BYTESWorksheet of the month

KAO-01.JPG - 956BYTES Yuri Gagarin, a russian astronaut was orbited in space aboard VOSTOK on April 12th in 1961. He did return safe to earth after travelling one orbit.

Abraham lincoln was shot in a theatre on  April 14th, 1865.Exactly one hundred years later another famous president was assasinated. Can you guess who? (you can ask me for some interesting facts regarding President Lincoln)

15th of April in 1912 Titanic sank to the bottom of the Atlantic.

Samuel F.B.Morse was born on April 27th. He invented the Morse Code. Morse code is an alphabet made of dots and lines. ( ask me how to make a Morse Code set so that you too can send messages.)(500yen coin is necessary)

MARK02.GIF - 418BYTESACTIVITY; Get your students to research customs and traditions associated with EASTER in 3 European countries.

Please look forward  to next month's Sensei's Page.  ULA01.GIF - 1,299BYTES